New Beginnings

Hi friends! So, a lot has changed since my last post. I graduated from college. I moved to New York City. I dealt with a broker. I found my very first apartment. And, I survived an NYC gym class called, “Chisel.”

IMG_5410I’ve decided to get the blog back up and running. But it’s not going to be just fashion anymore. (It’s still going to be fashion heavy, let’s be real, it’s me.) But, living in this wonderful, crowded, fast-paced city, I need a creative outlet. This time around, I’m going to share my adventures in the city and the outfits I’m wearing while on these adventures. 🙂


It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks since moving and a week since moving into my apartment. Like I said, it’s a fast-paced city, so a lot has happened in such a short period of time. I moved to the city with my roommate and friend, Emily on Tuesday, May 26th. We hit the ground running when it came to looking for our first apartment. We went with a broker, an unfortunate and expensive experience (our broker literally yelled at us in his office. Welcome to New York?). However, it wasn’t entirely bad. I mean, we did find the perfect apartment. We’re on the Upper East Side (UES), it’s within our budget, two bedrooms, we have a living space and a decent kitchen. A plus, there are exposed brick walls throughout. God is good and He fulfilled every wish Emily and I had for our first apartment. It’s really perfect for us.


So, my parents drove to New Jersey with their packed Expedition and a U-Haul. We commuted from New Jersey to NYC via the NJ Transit trains and hired movers to move us in, on a Monday, to our third floor walk up apartment. I was completely moved in and living in the apartment by Tuesday. My parents are wonderful for making that trip, unpacking me and making that commute from New Jersey to the city each day. (Not just saying that because you’re reading this, Mom and Dad ;).)

My friend Margie and I tried to get tickets to Jimmy Fallon. Sadly, we didn’t get in. Next time, Jimmy!
Views of Lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Views of Lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Two weeks in and I’m still in love with this city. It’s different being here without an end date. I’ve been in the city for extended periods of time, but I’ve always had a return ticket. Purchasing that one way ticket hasn’t entirely sunk in, yet. I kind of feel like I’m on vacation. On those rare occasions when the realization that I followed my dreams, I have actually moved to New York, the dream that 16-year old me couldn’t have ever imagined would possibly come true, I am kind of stunned. It’s shocking, really. I have wanted and dreamed of this for so long, now it’s finally reality. God has been good to me, as He always is. I am excited for this new chapter in life. I am excited for the adventures, the memories, the friends and experiences to come.

Emily and I had to celebrate #NationalDoughnutDay in the Flatiron District with Doughnut Plant.
Emily and I had to celebrate #NationalDoughnutDay in the Flatiron District with Doughnut Plant.

In the words of Tay Tay Swift, “Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you.”  And I feel like it really has. Happy to be home, NYC. Let’s start this adventure!

Oh, and that gym class, “Chisel” is a story for another post. I’m taking a spin class tonight at the same gym. Here’s to hoping I survive this class.