Hostess Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here and the endless holiday parties have begun.  Something I always have a hard time coming up with is a really great hostess gift.  I’ve searched online for some great ideas and am sharing them with you!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.20.50 PM

I love this set of appetizer plates from C. Wonder.  They’re perfect for setting finger foods out at a party or even for individual use at a small dinner party.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.24.00 PM

This Kate Spade wine bottle opener and wine stopper set are so cute.  A wine bottle is a traditional hostess gift, but the bottle opener and stopper are essential.  This is definitely a gift that will be used time and time again.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.31.05 PM

A hot dip bowl is not something I would ever think to purchase.  However, when I stumbled across this at Crate and Barrel, I couldn’t help but think what a great idea this was.  The bowl can be used in the microwave or the oven to heat your foods.  The wooden base then insulates the bowl and keeps your food warm, while protecting table surfaces from the heat.  Plus, I love the clean and contemporary design.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.38.24 PM

When I attend holiday parties, there is usually always one dish that I want the recipe for.  I usually type it up in my phone quickly and there it sits until I remember the dish.  A pretty recipe box, like this one from Rifle Paper Co. at Anthropologie is both cute and useful.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 3.46.41 PM

I love coffee table books, Anthropologie and Kate Spade have great selections.  I think they’re a great way to decorate your home and show off your personality and interests.  Be sure to pick a book that you know your host will have an interest in and try to pick one that has color schemes that match the host’s decor.  Lined on book shelves or stacked on a coffee table, these books are easy conversation starters.

Happy holiday party season and Merry Christmas!  I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for hostess gifts.  What are some gifts that you’ve given or received that you have loved?

Taylor xo


A Taylored Snack – Healthy Yogurt Covered Berries


My roommate and I recently made Greek yogurt covered berries and they turned out surprisingly well, so I thought I’d share with you.  I have a big sweet tooth, especially after dinner.  My roommate would tell you that I usually mention something about how I would love cookies or ice cream or Starbucks about an hour or so after dinner.  Because of this, I try to not keep sweets in our apartment.

IMG_3629We tried raspberries and blueberries and bought 3 individual cups of Dannon Oikos Classic Nonfat Yogurt.  We also added about half of a cup of honey to sweeten the yogurt.  Honestly, I think two cups of the yogurt would have been plenty.  We’re going to be eating this yogurt for the next week.

IMG_3635We used skewers to dip the fruit into the yogurt and placed them on a cookie tray lined with parchment paper.  We then set them in the freezer for two hours.


We found that they keep better if they stay in the freezer.  When taken out, the yogurt quickly melts and they get a little messy.  It’s not quite an on-the-go type snack, but it’s the perfect after dinner sweet tooth cure!  Enjoy!

Pajama Party

IMG_3616 The fall weather is officially here to stay!  Along with the fall weather comes the early nights, meaning it’s dark outside by 5:15 and I’m ready for bed by 8.  I’m still adjusting to that time change.  Because it gets dark so early, I feel like I should get cozy on the couch with a cup of coffee, a great candle and the latest issue of my favorite magazine. IMG_3622 While I love a good pajama set, I also like to mix and match separates.  Long sweaters or cardigans are perfect for lounging around and catching up on the latest episode of Scandal or The Mindy Project.  I love this one from GapBody because it’s so versatile.  I’ve worn it to class, shopping with friends and to sleep in. IMG_3613 I’m also a sucker for warm socks.  I have two drawers dedicated to just socks.  I mean I ask for socks for my birthday and love when someone actually gets me a pair!  My feet are always cold.  So cold sometimes, that I put on two pairs of socks when I go to sleep.  I’m constantly searching for winter socks.  Target is a great place to stock up for the season, too. IMG_3607 I love unwinding from a long day by getting cozy in my pajamas with a few good magazines, a great TV show and good smelling candle.  What are some of the things you do to unwind or relax after a long day? Sweater: Gap {old}, similar here // Tank Top: Gap {old}, similar here // Pants: Gap {old}, similar here // Socks: Target {old}, similar here

Friday Favorites

Hi friends, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  So lately I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping browsing.  It’s like shopping, but without hurting my wallet, which is good.  Then there are times when it’s bad.  Like this week — it’s been a stressful one.  Obviously, I wanted fix this problem with some retail therapy or “browsing.”  I went as far as actually putting items in shopping carts and sending wish lists to my mom.  Luckily, I made it through the week with only one purchase!  And it was on sale, plus an additional $10 off (Thank you Mama for the Gap reward).

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite items I browsed this week with you!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.55.34 PM

This sweater from Gap is the one I purchased.  It’s still on sale, too.  I think pairing this with a khaki trench or cargo jacket would be so chic.  It’s also a great layering piece.  I plan to layer mine over a plaid button up or a white collared shirt.  I love the metallic trim at the neckline, sleeves and bottom.  It’s also available in navy or mustard yellow.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.02.08 PM

My latest obsession is ankle booties.  I bought a pair of brown leather ones from Dune in London, and I’ve been wearing them nonstop.  They’re easy to dress up or dress down.  For a trendier look, I like wearing them with dresses and a bright colored sock peeking just over the top.  Since I find myself wearing my brown ones so often, I’ve decided it’s time to get a pair in black.  Hurry to get a pair though, I saved two different pairs to a wish list online and they’ve already sold out.  Luckily, these ones by Sam Edelman found at Nordstrom are still available!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.09.04 PM

I am such a sucker for pajamas.  Especially pajama sets, I LOVE them!  J.Crew has a lot of really great options this season.  Sets, separates, shorts, nightgowns, they’ve got it all and in cute prints too.  These are definitely on my wish list!  I can see myself snuggled up on the couch in these J.Crew pj’s with hot cocoa watching a classic Christmas movie or my favorite, The Michael Buble Christmas Special.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.19.50 PM

The Phara Necklace from Kendra Scott is the best tassel necklace I’ve seen in a long time.  I love that you can tie it or knot it however you want, creating so many different styles.  Tying it a different way can easily change your look, how great and simple is that?

I’ve shared a few of my favorites with you.  I’m curious to know what you’re craving this season.  Any suggestions on what I should check out or additions to my wish lists?  I’d love to hear from you!